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What is the process regarding getting a qoute for the repair of my vehicle and what is the timeframe?


We estimate quotes for vehicle repairs to take on average 24-48 hours.

The reason we take 24-48 hours to quote you for your vehicle repair is due to the process in place to ensure your estimate is calculated as accurately as possible.

We first take photos of your vehicle and record any information from you, the vehicle owner, in order to initially assess the vehicle (this takes 10-15 minutes).

The pictures are shared with the specified experts in our large team who are identified as specialists in the area of your repair requirements.

The team then get to work sourcing any parts identified as needed for your repair as well as handling the insurance companies, with your cc'd, on your behalf (Note: if it is an insurance claim, this can take an additional 2-3 days).

Once everything involved is estimates, we provide you with the quote. Once agreed, the parts are then ordered.